Monday, 18 June 2007

Intentionally Outward Looking Welsh Blog Makes Headlines, Parades and Fireworks in Bangor, Llanelli and Cardiff to Follow

Wynne Jones has announced the launch of a new, intentionally outward-looking Welsh blog, boldly entitled "Wales Beyond Wales: Wales's Influence and Presence in other countries."

It's thought that this could be the first of it's kind among Welsh blogs, which are world famous for their ability to exist in an inpenetrable bubble of inward-looking obsessions.

Jones says in his introduction:

"Croeso i Wales Beyond Wales! - a blog that will look into Wales's presence and influence in other countries and also the perception of Wales and the Welsh. It's written by me, Wynne Jones, a self-proclaimed professional Welsh Flag spotter from North East Wales. Feel free to send in your own examples, comments and pictures. It'll be a serious blog but humour and light-hearted banter is most certainly welcome!"

Jone's is referring to a congenital condition afflicting Celtic males. In Scotland it's called 'Trainspotting Disease' and in Wales it's merely referred to as 'Flagspotting Syndrome.'

Jones is working to overcome the prejudice and stigma of this condition, which strikes highest among Celtic language speakers, non-Celtic language speakers, naturalized 2nd generation Pakistani-descended Cornish speakers and the divorced brother-in-laws of retired rugby coaches, especially if their deceased, semi-detached next-door neighbor died of Coal Dust 'Black Lung' Disease.

Jones's new blog couldn't have come at a better time:

In recent weeks, a political crisis related to the formation of new government for Wales has caused an existential shift, which most Welsh political hacks thought was permanent:

"I didn't think there was any living thing beyond the Senedd," says one Welsh political blogger who has stopped eating and speaking to his family since the last elections.

A special charitable fund has been created to cope with the large number of Welsh politicians, political bloggers, and journalists, who actually lost their minds, and subsequently has to be placed in asylums, as a result of events related to and following the last election.

The fund is called 'Cronfa Betsan' in memory of a brave, young BBC journalist who, in her attempt at fair and balanced reporting, was actually trampled in the political in-fighting.

For this reason, Jones's new outward-looking blog is seen as a particularly bright spot on the otherwise muddled Welsh political landscape.

Please visit Wynne and send him our best wishes!

Gyda bob hwyl i bawb, Mark

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Anonymous said...

You're spot on, Marc Miami. I fancy my blog thing, but I never imagined people from outside Wales actually read what we write -- it's bloody brilliant! Why, the other day I had an email from Hong Kong, from a bloke reading my Welsh blog -- how lush is that! Now what would a bloke from Hong Kong want, what with reading my blog, and me being a single woman, innit? Until I read this, I thought anyone reading my blog from outside Wales could only be a bloody pervert!